Novoryt-Melting Putty


consists of various co-polymers, the melting point is 120°C. Processing is done with the Novoryt battery or gas melter. This middle hard repairing kit is made for strongly used surfaces (such as parquet, laminate, cork flooring, furniture, kitchen etc.)

The excess material is removed by the notches of the plastic putty knife , a draw blade or a chisel. The Melting Putty can be overpainted with various lacquer systems, absorbs the stains and oil and has only a small glow. NOVORYT Melting Putty is available in over 160 different colours. Of course we also do special colours on demand.

PET-Box Melting Putty

Art.No. 110.200

20 pcs. Melting Putty, assorted
176 spruce lucent, 173 birdseye maple, 109 fir/spruce medium
168 pine heart, 111 oak nature, 112 oak medium, 118 dark beech
144 oliv oak, 119 walnut light, 113 bog oak, 171 beech nature
175 beech sober light, 114 cherry light, 106 pear
115 cherry dark, 123 macorè, 129 mahogany, 135 black
149 light grey, 142 special white

special assembly possible on demand

PET-Box Melting Putty Art. No. 110.200
Set A Art. No. 110.700

Set A

Art.Nr. 110.700/110.710


  • 100 pcs. NOVORYT Melting Putty in five polestyrene inserts
  • 20 pcs. NOVORYT Soft Wax in one polestyrene insert
  • 3 Tins of Lacquer Fixation: silk-matt, matt, silk-shine
  • 1 Chisel
  • 1 draw blade
  • 1 Gas Melter incl. gas for refill or Battery Melter
  • 1 Replacement Tip for Gas Melter
  • 1 cleaning cloth for Gas Melter
  • 2 sanding sponge
Set 20 Art. No. 110.620

Set 20

Art.Nr. 110.620/110.621


  • 20 pcs. NOVORYT Melting Putty
  • 1 plastic putty-knife with indentation and comb for cleaning
  • 1 draw blade
  • 1 Gas Melter incl. gas for refill or Battery Melter
  • 1 cleaning cloth, 2 sanding sponges


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