NOVORYT Quattro Sticks

Art. Nr.

NOVORYT Quattro stick is the "little sister" of the thermoplastic Novoryt Forte granules. As the name Quattro (in English four) already suggests, the sticks are suitable for 4 different areas of application (wood floors & stairs, décor & melamine resin, lightweight construction, doors & window profile)

The sticks are heated with the melting gun (processing temperature of max. 150 C degree)  and injected into the damaged area. Then, the filler is promptly cooled with the specially coated aluminum cool block and the excess material can be removed with the cut-off iron. The surface can now be coated with most lacquers and paints, sprayed or rolled (aqueous lacquer systems, UV lacquers, nitro lacquer, natural oils and waxes, solvent-based stain).

Novoryt Quattro sticks are suitable for:

  • Floor / wall (parquet, laminate, stairs / panels, chipboard and MDF boards)
  • Furniture & assembly area
  • Worktops (Chipboards, MDF and other materials)
  • Wooden windows and doors construction
  • Ship / and yacht construction
  • Lightweight panels (caravans, railways, aircraft)
  • Timber construction (carport, prefabricated house construction, and other)

And provides the solution for surface damages:

  • Assembly of wooden windows and doors or burglary damage
  • Deep scratches, cracks, knots in wood, laminate and vinyl floors
  • Open joints and damage in designer floors
  • The tear-off fastening materials
  • Connecting fittings in lightweight panels
  • Assembly and surface damage to countertops
  • Distorted corners and edges or incorrect drilling

The development of the Novoryt Quattro Stick is based on the exchange of experience
with numerous carpenters, cabinetmakers (interior finishers) & floor layers (among other things at user practical seminars in the specialized trade). The desire of these professionals for practical problem-solving, is one of the cornerstones of the development.


NOVORYT Quattro Stick customisable set

Art. Nr. 133.570

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NOVORYT Quattro Smart Repair Set

Art. Nr. 134.101

Area of application: wooden floors, stairs

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Box with 12 pcs. Novoryt QUATTRO STICKS to buy additional
Art. No. 132.201 small

Box with 12 pcs. Novoryt Quattro Sticks

Art. Nr. 132.201

assorted 4 colours each 3 pcs. 200mm
08 douglasie (pine)
41 spruce
76 transparent
78 rubberwood (beech)

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