NEW available: Pigmented acrylic lacquer for the colouring of surfaces, colour matching, or refinishing of repair work.

Novoryt acrylic lacquer is a special paint system, which because of its transparency allows to paint without leaving any strong stains on pre-treated areas. The use of special solvent combinations results in a soft spray pattern without leaving a visible edge.

Due to the slightly translucent properties, it is possible to paint the surface several times, until it reaches a full opacity in the area.

The coating system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This coating system is not an immediate full opaque paint! And can’t be used as such.

Available in RAL 9016 traffic white, RAL 9003 signal white, RAL 9010 pure white, RAL 9005 Jet Black, RAL 7016 anthracite grey

Additional colours on request

Acrylic colour lacquer signal white RAL 9003
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