The NOVORYT AG has been working with the development, production and sale of repair materials since 1989. Various products have been developed to repair damages on surfaces like wood, laminate, foil, cork, linoleum, corean and even ceramics. Offering products to achieve perfect results with little effort is our main goal.

This is how various products were born which all convince with their high quality and their simple way of use.

Die NOVORYT AG responses to her customer's demands. She develops new products, adapts existing products and even produces according to special demands.

To be present on international fairs and exhibitions is a good opportunity for market research and to see what the future brings.

Today NOVORYT AG is present in more than 30 countries with serious dealers and with one sales office in Russia. In Russia, it even has its own sales office.


Innovation - Responsibility - Reliability - Transparency

These are our main values, which we live in the company with each other but also with our customers, dealers and suppliers.

We put a lot of effort in long lasting and fruitful collaboration and a open and honest communication.

We are endeavour to improve our products together with external ideas and with the help and ideas from all parties. This for the benefit of all parties!