MS80 & MS200 Granules gun


With the MS80 / 200 granule gun, you can easily process Novoryt-Forte granules. Neither gun requires compressed air and are ready for operation within 5 minutes. The large opening allows for a clean and easy (re)fill. The particularly ergonomic shape of the adjustable handle let you work fatigue-free and comfortable. So they are suitable for delicate hands, and for both the right - and left-handed. A wire hanger ensures that the device can be safely switched off.

Differences MS80 & MS200 gun

MS 80 - Art. Nr. 133.080

  • Power 400 Watt
  • Content 150 ml
  • Weight 1040 g
  • Processing for 8 hours
  • approx. 2 kg granules

MS 200 - Art. Nr. 133.220

  • Power 600 Watt
  • Content 250 ml
  • Weight 1380 g
  • Processing for 8 hours
  • approx. 4 kg granules
Application Forte granules with gun
Granules colours
MS80 pointed nozzle tailored

MMS80 pointed nozzle

Art. Nr. 133.081


MS200 nozzle

Art. Nr. 133.221

Aluminium cooling block _ including _ nonstick-oil

Aluminium cooling block rectangular Non-stick oil

Art. Nr. 133.500

hand plane _ small

Rali Monobloc hand plane

Art. Nr. 133.501

Replacement blade

Knife blades 48 mm hardmetal for Rali Monobloc Hobel

Art. Nr. 133.502


Cleaning wax for MS80/MS200 pistols available in 1 KG, 5 KG or 25 KG

Art. Nr. 130.701