Novoryt Soft Wax


Is a smooth filler that is used by rubbing or pressing with the plastic putty knife  It is suitable for small or narrow damage points, e.g. in interior fittings, panelling etc., which are not subject to any load and is available in 120 different colours. It convinces with good adhesion. Due to wax components, the surface of the filler is sensitive to dust and dirt and should therefore be treated with Novoryt spray varnish.

Special colours on demand are possible from 20 pieces on.

PET-Box Soft Wax

Art.Nr. 101.200

20 pcs. Soft wax, assorted
73 birdseye maple, 76 spruce lucent, 67 pine splint
59 ash splint, 07 birch, 11 oak nature, 17 medium beech
68 pine heart, 14 cherry light, 55 beech subdued
05 pine, 43 elm, 15 cherry dark, 12 oak medium
18 dark beech, 19 walnut light, 13 bog oak,
35 black, 77 spruce white varnished, 42 special white

special assembly possible on demand

PET-Box Soft Wax
Set 40 Soft Wax

Set 40 Soft Wax

Art.Nr. 101.240


  • 40 pcs. NOVORYT soft wax
  • 1 pc. Plastic Putty Knife


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