How it all started...


Founding M + M Kitt Hirschi & Berchthold general partnership at 4453 Nusshof. Production start with soft wax and melting putty in different colours, first participation in the fair
at Wood in Basel


Founding M + M Kitt AG, general partnership transformation into joint-stock company, retired co-founder Berchtold. First participation at the INTERZUM trade fair in Cologne


Fair in Oberwart/Austria; start of first trade relations in the Czech Republic and Hungary; in the following years further international trade relations developed through contacts such as Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and more


Head office is moved to 4466 Ormalingen. Office in Ormalingen; Production and storage in the Maloya-areal in Gelterkinden


Name change of M + M Kitt AG into NOVORYT AG, same as the product as well as being the first to launch an internet site, before any of the competitors.


New office was built in 4462 Rickenbach


Moving production/warehouse and office 4466 Ormalingen to 4462 Rickenbach; new headquarters

During the upcoming years, we constantly expanded our product portfolio in accordance with the demand of our customers. And we remain doing so till this day.


Start of the business relationship with Russia; Opening office in Moscow by Irina Richter


New development of the filler Novoryt-Forte granules

With this development, NOVORYT receives an INTERZUM Award. The first major parquet production uses Novoryt-forte for filling branches and cracks.


First contact with a machine manufacturer in Austria, which has developed a fully automated system for the filling of parquet. Granules used as filler Novoryt-Forte.

In the following years, other large parquet companies in Europe and overseas start to use the Novoryt-Forte granules.
Further development of the Forte granules for various applications, e.g. for resinous woods and various surface treatments.


New development of the Novoryt-Forte granules for missing branch parts in veneered workpieces. Interzum awards NOVORYT a second time, for its innovatory.


July, founding NOVORYT Germany GmbH with the managing directors Michael Gellner and Andreas Handl

In October 2016 the new product the Novoryt Quattro stick is presented at the wood trade fair Basel.


Presentation at Domotex in Hannover and Bau in Munich of a new, specially developed machine for applying Novoryt-Forte granules