Novoryt Rub-in wax


is a smooth repair wax for filling fine scratches in the interior 

Suitable for non-stressed surfaces

(such as windows, doors, furniture, etc.)


Rub the wax into the damaged area, as if you were using an eraser, remove the access wax with the plastic putty knife. The surface should be cleaned afterwards with the special filler cleaner. For gloss adjustment and better wipe resistance, paint the area with fixing lacquer.

Special Properties:
Very good adhesion in fine scratches, high opacity thanks to special pigments and easy to use.

per package 2 pieces available in the following colours:

Art. No. 109.9010 RAL 9010 pure white
Art. No. 109.9016 RAL 9016 traffic white
Art. No. 109.173 bird's eye maple
Art. No. 109.176 spruce transparent
Art. No. 109.111 natural oak
Art. No. 109.138 anthracite 
Art. No. 109.7016 RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Art. No. 109.035 RAL 9005 black


Application Rub-in wax