anniversary set to 30 years Novoryt

anniversary set in a limited edition

Art.Nr. 110.630 with gasmelter
Art.Nr. 110.631 with battery melter

sorted by RAL colors

  • 40 pcs. NOVORYT Melting Putty
  • 10 pcs. NOVORYT Touch Up Pens
  • 1 draw blade
  • 1 plastic putty knife
  • 1 gasmelter incl.

NEW available: NOVORYT – Pigmented acrylic lacquers

Acrylic lacquers
NEW available: Pigmented acrylic lacquer for the colouring of surfaces, colour matching, or refinishing of repair work.

Novoryt acrylic lacquer is a special paint system, which because of its transparency allows to paint without leaving any strong stains on pre-treated areas.