NOVORYT Smart Repair Sets

Smart Repair Set 1 wooden floor, cut

NOVORYT Quattro Smart Repair Set

Art. Nr. 134.101

Area of application: wooden floors, stairs


  • 1 Melting gun mini incl. nozzle
  • 1 Cooling block angle
  • 1 Cut-off iron mini
  • 8 Sticks mini ( 12 cm long, 12 mm Ø – Replacement in the standard 12 Pack (length = 20 cm)
  • 2x 35 black, 1x 08 douglas/larch, 11 light oak
  • 1 x 30 rustic oak, bog oak, wengé, and 81 knotted pine optic
Stick Colours
Smart Repair Set 1 wood floor small

NOVORYT Quattro Smart Repair Set


NOVORYT Melting Putty

Melting putties

Novoryt-Melting Putty


consists of various co-polymers, the melting point is 120°C. Processing is done with the Novoryt battery or gas melter. This middle hard repairing kit is made for strongly used surfaces (such as parquet, laminate, cork flooring, furniture, kitchen etc.)


Special Set A 110.701_zus

Various sizes of sets to satisfy different demands. We offer professional sets like Set A but also very small starter sets like Set 20. 

Set A Special

Art.Nr. 110.701/110.711

– for new TREND surfaces

  • 100 pcs.


PET-Box Soft Wax

Novoryt Soft Wax


Is a smooth filler that is used by rubbing or pressing with the plastic putty knife  It is suitable for small or narrow damage points, e.g.