NOVORYT Quattro Sticks

Alternative text NOVORYT Quattro stick is the "little sister" of the thermoplastic Novoryt Forte granules. As the name Quattro (in English four) already suggests, the sticks are suitable for 4 different areas of application (wood floors & stairs, décor & melamine resin, lightweight construction, doors & window profile) Weiterlesen

Forte granule

NOVORYT Forte granules

Art. Nr.

NOVORYT Forte is the innovative filler for damages in massive wood. Within seconds you can fill knotholes, cracks or other damages. NOVORYT Forte won the interzum award 2005 and 2015 for its high product quality.

NOVORYT Forte comes in granules and sticks. With a special melting gun (see MS80/MS 200 Granule-Pistole or stick gun) you heat the granules up. Then you fill the liquid filler into the damaged area and cool it down with the aluminum cooling block to avoid bubbles. After cooling down you can work the wood as usual.

For industrial usage of NOVORYT Forte we offer various machines. Please feel free to contact us for more informations!

Novoryt Forte granulate
Filling hole with Novoryt Forte Granule
Hole filled with Novoryt Forte Granule
HARO - Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG
HARO - Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG
HARO - Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG
HARO - Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG
Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x01-creme-weiss Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x41-fichte-hell Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x78-gummibaum-hell Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x40-astfichte Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x79-akazie-braun Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x08-douglasie-laerche Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x11-eiche-natur Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x30-eiche-rustikal Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x13-mooreiche Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x31-wenge Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x22-nussbaum-dunkel Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x34-ebenholz Novoryt-Forte-Granulat-130.x35-schwarz
Wir können Ihnen auch individuelle Granulatfarben anbieten!

Granules colours
Novoryt Forte processing equipment

MS80 Granule-Pistole

Art. Nr. 133.080

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MS200 Granule-Pistole

Art. Nr. 133.220

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Aluminium cooling block _ including _ nonstick-oil

Aluminium cooling block rectangular Non-stick oil

Art. Nr. 133.500

hand plane _ small

Rali Monobloc hand plane

Art. Nr. 133.501

Replacement blade

Knife blades 48 mm hardmetal for Rali Monobloc Hobel

Art. Nr. 133.502


Cleaning wax for MS80/MS200 pistols available in 1 KG, 5 KG or 25 KG

Art. Nr. 130.701